The GEG workshop is a formalized way for teachers to learn the basics of Google tools for education in a hands-on workshop setting

What is a GEG Workshop?

The GEG workshop is a way for teachers to learn the basics of Google tools and other technologies for education in a hands-on workshop setting. Most GEG Leaders have chosen to use the GEG curriculum in their workshop, but curriculum may vary by the workshop. Organized by GEG Leaders, but sometimes by a GEG partner of Google in the region, the GEG workshop is open to all teachers within their group to attend. Please be aware that at times registration may be capped to assure all teachers have a device for an optimal hands-on experience. Sometimes GEG leaders across groups may collaborate to put on a GEG workshop, in this case workshop attendees may be GEG participants across multiple groups.

What will a teacher learn in the GEG Workshop?

The GEG workshop leverages the GEG curriculum, a curriculum designed by Google specifically for teachers which covers the basics of Google Apps, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Sites, and more. However, the exact GEG Lessons covered may vary from workshop to workshop as chosen by the GEG leader or GEG Partner putting on the event and depend on the skill level and interest of the participants. It is up to the GEG Leader to choose the optimal lessons of the GEG curriculum used at the GEG workshop.

What sorts of certificates will I receive?

Each teacher who attends a GEG workshop will receive a certificate of participation. In addition, at the end of the workshop we encourage all participants to take the Google Basics exam which will earn them the Basics Exam certificate which is the first certification in the Google Learning Center at

How can I continue to learn about Google tools for EDU?

After you attend a GEG workshop we recommend you keep the conversation going by attending other events put on by your GEG. At these events you can continue to share, learn, and practice using Google tools and other technologies with teachers near you. In addition, try joining a GEG Google+ community where you can share and collaborate with other teachers online. If you are interested in additional Google for Education certifications we recommend you focus next on becoming a Google Educator. After this step, you can work to become a Google Certified Teacher or Google Education Trainer. Learn more by going to